Enjoy the Delicious 7 Typical Mexican Foods in Indonesia

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You food hunter and run out of ideas what to eat? Relax because now the typical Mexican food can be an alternative untu enjoyed without having to go far to get there. Here’s the typical Mexican food you can try. Check it out!


Tortilla is a Mexican food that is round-shaped flat made of corn or wheat. The original tortillas are made from milled corn without using yeast and the shape is thin. While tortillas made from wheat is a new innovation because the arrival of the Spanish Nation brought wheat. Typically, tortillas serve as skins or wrappers from other typical Mexican foods.


Taco or tacos are foods that come from folds of tortillas filled with meat or vegetables in it. Usually tacos contain bacon (pork smoke) or beef combined with vegetables. The tacos are cooked by way of baking served with a spicy sauce or cheese, tasty and spicy.


Nachos is one of the typical Mexican food made from tortilla chips. Feel the pleasure of combining savory tortilla pieces sprinkled with liquid cheese, meat cuts, and a sprinkling of jalapeno chili. Chili jalapeno is a big green chili from Mexico that spicy can burn the tongue. In addition to chili, nachos also have mixed variants consisting of minced beef / chicken, salsa sauce or guacamole sauce.

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When viewed at a glance, the quesadilla is almost similar to a pizza slice. Yup, quesadilla is a tortilla sheet on which there is a cut of meat and cheese and covered with tortilla sheets for the roast. After baking quesadila like a pizza, and taste the delicious cheese that melts with the meat in it. ‘


Burrito look almost the same as the taco, soft tortilla rolled with the contents of dough beans with meat. The difference is in the shape only because the burrito is cylindrical.


Tamale is the same as tamal and tamales, a Mexican snack made of cornmeal, chicken, pork, vegetables, and cheese. Making by wrapping with banana leaves or corn skin and steamed or boiled. To eat it, you have to open the skin of the wrapper.


Enchiladas are typical Mexican food similar to burritos, which are tortilla rolls containing meat, beans, cheese, and vegetables. These foods will be more tempting because smeared with chili sauce, cheese, nuts, salsa or a combination. It must be really delicious!

That’s the typical Mexican food you can try with a tempting flavor. Do not need all the way to Mexico because in Indonesia was already there.

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